Located in Billerica, Bedford, Natick, MA and Londonderry, NH, AirPro Environmental Solutions expands our mold removal services throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Our commitment to customer service and affordable prices are just a few details that separate us from the competition.

So, what truly makes AirPro unique?

Rather than hiring multiple contractors to remediate the area in your home affected by mold, our team has close ties to painters and plumbers in the area. We understand that having mold in your home is frustrating enough which is why we handle the entire remediation process for you. After our comprehensive assessment and in-depth remediation is completed, let our dedicated repair men step in and make your home look as good as new.

Perhaps mold isn’t the issue but members of your household are experiencing unexplainable respiratory issues. AirPro Environmental Solutions will step in and provide a full indoor air quality testing in your Massachusetts’ home. We will start at the basement and work our way through the entire home to ensure that you have the best air quality.

mike_arsenaultAbout the Founder: Michael G. Arsenault

Mike is the founder of AirPro Environmental Solutions.  He is a licensed home inspector in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is an active member of the Indoor Air Quality Association.  Mike has a bachelor of Science degree in Education and has significant experience in the insurance industry.