Air quality is a significant concern in our world. We generally pay attention when the news forecasts high levels of pollen or smog because these substances threaten air quality, and that can adversely affect our health. In contrast, we seldom think about indoor air quality, and more significantly, how the air in our homes can impacts our health.

Every home has to breathe. This is why ventilation is installed in attics, so air can be drawn in and expelled from a home. This process helps to keep indoor temperatures from building inside our homes, as well as contributing to purging old air from the house as new air is circulated in. Did you know, however, that this whole process starts on the ground level as air is pulled up and out through attic ventilation? If the lowest level of your home is a basement, the quality of the air in your home is directly influenced by the general health of your basement. This is why indoor air quality testing is so important, as the testing determines the health of your home.

AirPro Environmental Solutions provides indoor air quality testing in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Our certified professionals start at the basement and test the air quality of the whole house. If the tests indicate mold in your basement, attic, air ducts or water-damaged room, our specialists will recommend the best process to remove the mold in the specific room or determine the air duct cleaning requirements necessary. We have the advanced construction experience required to fix any problems where water is able to invade your home. Whether you need new or old building material treated and/or removed and replaced, or you need something more sophisticated like dehumidification, ventilation solutions, air purification, or a French drain and sump pump system installed inside the basement of your home, we have the means and experience to advise you as to the appropriate course of action.

Where mold is of concern, we want to significantly improve the air quality in your home. We want the air you breathe to be safe and worry free, and we hope you will take the time to speak with one of our qualified experts to help you take the steps necessary for you to live in a Healthy Home.

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