Mold seems to pop up out of nowhere, leaving homeowners in despair. When it isn’t taken care of immediately and properly, you may be facing a serious amount of money in repairs. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts and tips about mold.

What are the Common Health Effects of Mold?

Some of the potential health effects include allergic reactions, headache, asthma, wheezing, sneezing and coughing.

Preventatives with Mold Growth

There’s no specific way to control mold growth. Mold can be mitigated provided that the proper actions are taken and maintained. However, you can take some steps to prevent it such as controlling moisture. If you have issues pertaining to water like a leaky faucet, you’ll want to fix the source of the water problem. Also, reduce indoor humidity by doing the following:
• Proper ventilation of bathrooms & dryers
• Use air conditioners & de-humidifiers
• Increase ventilation
• Use exhaust fans when cooking or cleaning

Consider Using Detergents

Hard surfaces should be cleaned off with water and detergent. Make sure to dry completely. Replace absorbent materials like ceiling tiles and drywall that are moldy.

Handling Carpets

Never install carpet where there is consistent moisture. This includes concrete floors with leaks or condensation.
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Mold may still appear even after moisture absorbent materials have dried.