Mold Removal – DIY or Hire A Professional?

Finding mold in your home can ruin anyone’s day, and removing it is never an easy task. When deciding whether you can remove it yourself, or if you’ll need a professional, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind.
Type of Mold
When starting the mold removal process, the first step is to inspect […]

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Why House Mold Is a Huge Concern

Mold can grow on any organic building material, including wood, drywall and insulation. This can cause homeowners to have allergic reactions to mold spores when they are in their homes. Allergens can come from mold spores in the basement and crawl spaces, and grow wherever there is warmth, food and moisture.

If you have a damp […]

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The Importance of Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing is the process of checking and analyzing the air quality in a school, office, home, etc. You may not realize it, but air quality directly affects you in your daily life. It’s no secret that American’s spend the majority of their time indoors. Unfortunately, studies have shown that the level of VOC’s […]

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Could Mold Be the Source of Your Allergies This Spring?

Do you experience allergy symptoms even when pollen counts are low? Is your everyday life filled with sneezing, itchy eyes, or a stuffy or runny nose? If so, you could have a mold allergy. Since common allergy-provoking fungi is able to grow in damp spots and outside year round, symptoms of a mold […]

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Does Air Duct Cleaning Save Energy?

Many homeowners are skeptical about whether cleaning their air ducts is beneficial. However, to run properly they require regular maintenance. It’s extremely important to have your HVAC system cleaned on a regular basis to keep your home or office dust, dirt and mold free.

Having clean air ducts allows for air to flow consistently with no […]

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