bleach bottleBleach is one of the most commonly used household cleaners for killing bacteria in sinks, showers, and toilets. It’s no surprise that consumers believe bleach is a surefire way to kill mold. However, mold on porous surfaces is much different than mildew we find along our tiled surfaces. Mold actually grows into the roots of the surface and causes a significant amount of damage if not treated immediately.

Bleach can’t actually penetrate deep enough to kill mold, so while you’re spending time pouring bleach, the mold is actually continuing to spread because of the moisture. It may look like you’ve removed the mold but the reality is, you’ve only killed the surface. The mold then grows back stronger and deeper.

Check out some facts about mold and bleach below:

  • According to the Clorox Company, EPA and OSHA, bleach should NOT be used for mold remediation
  • Bleach only removes stains caused by mold but not the mold itself
  • Bleach used on wood will make the mold spores grow deeper

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