When exposed to poor air quality, you can develop an array of symptoms that appear similar to the common cold. These effects general occur slowly, over time. In most instances it is difficult to determine whether these symptoms are due to everyday stressors. The longer you remain in a household or building with poor air quality, the following symptoms will continue to worsen:

  • Eye irritation
  • Dry mucous membranes & skin
  • Mental fatigues, headaches & sleepiness
  • Airway infections, coughing & wheezing
  • Nausea & dizziness
  • Unidentifiable hypersensitivity reactions

In more severe situations, those who are in buildings containing poor air quality are prone to intense levels of discomfort or even develop Legionnaires Disease.  It is critical to investigate the situation further when people develop the symptoms a few hours after beginning the workday or stepping into a building and feel better once leaving.

If you feel that your home or office may be triggering symptoms developed by poor air quality, contact Air Pro Environmental for comprehensive air quality testing. We offer our services in Billerica, Boston, Quincy, Cambridge, Malden and surrounding towns. Our experience air quality testing specialists can travel to New Hampshire to provide you with professional services.