Detecting and removing mold is quite difficult considering it shows up anywhere that water is found. Carpet mold generally appears beneath the carpet fibers so it can be pretty difficult to detect. If there is a leak in one portion of the home, it can trickle into the carpet and create unseen mold.

Some carpets display visible signs of mold such as black, green or gray spots. A good rule of thumb: If the carpet is soaked, there is probably mold. It’s important to note that carpets get completely cleaned within 48 hours or there will still be mold. Mold also has a distinct smell which you will surely notice. There are several types of mold but toxic black mold is the most severe. This type needs to be removed immediately because it creates respiratory issues and can trail up to the walls.

One way to prevent mold is to eliminate or moisture from the home or reduce the humidity. Invest in a de-humidifier that suck moisture out of the air. Leaky pipes and broken A/C units are another major factor of mold so it’s best to pay attention to any signs of damages. Additionally, do not install carpet in your basement because mold breeds in dark, damp areas.

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