Mold in your drain pipe is extremely dangerous, but many homeowners do not notice until it’s too late. While you can test for mold on your own it’s best to have a professional do the testing. Wherever moisture appears, the mold is soon to arrive so you should always perform regular mold testings. Once the mold appears, be ready to spring into action!

When shopping around for mold fighting solutions, you’ll unknowingly be presented with a sea of toxic brands. Although they may be effective at removing mold, these products can actually make you much sicker than chemicals themselves.  Instead, use more natural remedies such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or even baking soda.

Mold inside of the pipes becomes a more complex situation and unfortunately, the only way to detect mold in the pipes is recognizing the odor. A professional plumber who handles blocked pipes frequently would be able to remedy this situation. You could cheaply remove the mold yourself but in the long run, you’ll want a professional to do this.