Most people believe that mold only happens in bathrooms and basements, it doesn’t even occur to us that it can grow in attics too. If you’re like most people, you use your attic for storage and only access it a few times a year. Here are the six most common causes of attic mold growth.


A Leaky Roof

When a roof leak is bad enough, it leaks into the floors below and becomes immediately apparent. However, if it’s not a large leak, it can stay stationed in the attic and never make it through the floor. This means your attic could have water damage for months, leading to the quick growth of mold.


Improperly Installed Insulation

Improper installation or choosing the wrong type of insulation can cause moisture from the lower levels of the home to rise and get trapped in the attic. This moisture can then feed mold growth.


Inadequate Attic Ventilation

Strangely enough, you want to keep your attic as cool as possible during the cold season. Many people will seal off the attic vents or insulate the roof decking to try and lower the heating bill. However, sealing these off can trap moist, warm air in the attic, creating the ideal environment for attic mold growth.


Water Heaters or Furnaces Installed in the Attic

It is now very common to have designated systems to support luxuries such as spa style bathrooms and different heating and cooling zones. Some of these water heaters and furnaces are installed in the attic, adding moisture to the air, creating a perfect place for mold to grow.


Ice Damming

Ice damming is when water can’t drain properly from the roof, freezes, and then backs up into the home through the attic. This creates stagnant water in the attic. Make sure your gutters are clean before the winter hits so melting snow and ice can drain properly.


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