belmont, maBelmont, MA is located in Middlesex County and is primarily a residential suburb. Even though it’s a bit far from the ocean, mold seeps its way into the home from other moist and humid areas.

Mold spreads and reproduces via spores that are invisible to the human eye. They float through the air, and when they land on wet surfaces under the right conditions, they are able to reproduce and grow. Mold requires water or moisture to survive.

Belmont has a humid continental climate that gives the area very long and cold winters along with hot and humid summers. In the hot and humid summers there is a very high risk that your home could be affected by mold growth if not kept clean and dry. The winter is no exception for mold growth either though, if you have a basement or attic that is heated there is still a chance that mold can grow in that environment.

At Air Pro Environmental, we offer a complete range of services for mold testing and removal in Belmont, MA

•    Mold Inspections
•    Air Quality Testing
•    Mold Remediation
•    Basement Mold Removal
•    Attic Mold Removal
•    Toxic Black Mold Removal Services
•    Mold Damage Restoration
•    Rebuilding and Remodeling-Material and Prevention
•    Vapor Barriers
•    Ground Water Solutions-Sump Pumps and French Draining
•    Ventilation Problems-Cause and Cure.
•    Demolition and Debris Removal
•    Mold Testing-Air Sampling, Swap &/or Tape Sampling
•    Air Duct Cleaning

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