Billerica_MA-300x192If you live near a body of water in Billerica, or habitually find moisture or wetness in your basement you could be at risk. Mold spreads and reproduces via spores that are invisible to the human eye. They float through the air, and when they land on wet surfaces under the right conditions, they are able to reproduce and grow. Mold requires water or moisture to survive.

Over time mold will destroy or ruin whatever its growing on, including your home or furnishing. By acting now you can save time, money, and peace of mind not to mention avoiding health problems for you and your family. Call us today to eliminate and prevent mold growth in your home or apartment.

At Air Pro Environmental, we offer a complete range of services for mold testing and removal in Billerica, MA

•    Mold Inspections
•    Air Quality Testing
•    Mold Remediation
•    Basement Mold Removal
•    Attic Mold Removal
•    Toxic Black Mold Removal Services
•    Mold Damage Restoration
•    Mold Testing-Air Sampling, Swab &/or Tape Sampling
•    Air Duct Cleaning

 Protect your home and family today. Contact AirPro Environmental at 877-924-7776 for more information on our services and locations.