Kingston_NHKingston, NH is a part of Rockingham County and was the 5th town to become established in New Hampshire. Kingston has a population of 6,025 and two of the most notable areas within Kingston are the Kingston Historic District and West Kingston. Kingston’s Historic District includes magnificent buildings such as Kingston Town Hall, the Josiah Bartlett House (home of the second signer of the Deceleration of Independence) and the Nichols Memorial Research Library. The Kingston Days celebration occurs in the first weekend of August to celebrate the incorporation of the town, the celebration has a combination of live music, activities and even a large flea market. Kingston State Park is a great place to take the entire family on a nice day or even a loved one on a picnic. The park has a ton of open space to throw a ball or Frisbee around or even take your dog  on a walk.

In Kingston, thunderstorms can occur and bring a lot of moisture to the area and with the higher wind velocity there is more of a chance that some of the rain water gets into your home. That moisture sitting in your home mixed with high humidity brings a high probability of mold growth.

At Air Pro Environmental, we offer a complete range of services for mold testing and removal in Kingston, NH

•    Mold Inspections
•    Air Quality Testing
•    Mold Remediation
•    Basement Mold Removal
•    Attic Mold Removal
•    Toxic Black Mold Removal Services
•    Mold Damage Restoration
•    Rebuilding and Remodeling-Material and Prevention
•    Vapor Barriers
•    Ground Water Solutions-Sump Pumps and French Draining
•    Ventilation Problems-Cause and Cure.
•    Demolition and Debris Removal
•    Mold Testing-Air Sampling, Swap &/or Tape Sampling
•    Air Duct Cleaning

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