Newburyport, MA is a part of Essex County with a population around 17,416. There are plenty of activities and adventures to have in Newburyport, they keep a year round ice-skating rink, have a gorgeous boardwalk and glistening waterfront. The annual Yankee Homecoming celebration is 8 days long and has over 200 events, featuring concerts every night, 5k road races, fireworks displays and on the last Sunday of the festival there is a big parade. A more recent foundation, the Newburyport Brewing co. was founded in 2012 and is Massachusetts only keg and can brewing company.

Like dust or other super-fine particulates, mold spreads through the air via mold spores that are about .3% the thickness of a human hair. Once mold finds moisture, it quickly takes home and begins to grow and reproduce. Eventually, mold will have grown enough that it is visible, which is referred to as a mold colony. However, far before mold growth is viable, it could have found moisture and be growing rapidly – all the while going completely unnoticed.

Many household materials can be irreversibly damaged by mold growth, particularly fabrics such as carpets, furniture, and drapes, as well as leathers, drywall, paint, concrete, insulations, and more. Mold in your home isn’t only an expensive and unsightly nuisance, it can even cause health problems. Airborne mold can be an allergen and irritant leading to rashes or even repertory problems and infections. By acting now you can save time and money while making sure to avoid health problems for your family. Call us today to eliminate and prevent mold growth in your home or apartment.

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