newton maMold is an airborne substance and can find its way just about anywhere. Mold spores are invisible to the human eye and travel through the air until they find an area with considerable moisture or wetness at which point they will settle, grow, and reproduce.  Damp attics and basements are a hot spot for mold growth as well as around the foundation of the home. In a report by the US Department of Commerce, over 570 households reported it in the kitchen, 818 found it in the basement, and an incredible 1,823 households found mold in their bathrooms. With over 32,648 households in Newton, your home could be at risk.

Mold is usually a problem far before it is visible, as growth begins at the microscopic level and can easily go unseen. Once the mold grows enough to “colonize” it is then that it becomes a visible problem and has potential to lead to odor, health problems, and the damage of material the mold grows upon. It is important to get your problem re mediated by a professional. If your mold problem is not treated properly, it will likely grow back. At AirPro Environmental Solutions, we will eradicate the problem and restore the damages, preventing regrowth.

Not only unsightly, mold can irreversibly damage materials in your home such as drywall, fabrics, grouting, wood, and more. Even worse, mold can be an irritant and allergen which can lead to rashes or repertory problems and infections. By acting now you can save time and money while making sure to avoid health problems for your family. Call us today to eliminate and prevent mold growth in your home or apartment.

At Air Pro Environmental, we offer a complete range of services for mold testing and removal in Newton, MA

•    Mold Inspections
•    Air Quality Testing
•    Mold Remediation
•    Basement Mold Removal
•    Attic Mold Removal
•    Toxic Black Mold Removal Services
•    Mold Damage Restoration
•    Rebuilding and Remodeling-Material and Prevention
•    Vapor Barriers
•    Ground Water Solutions-Sump Pumps and French Draining
•    Ventilation Problems-Cause and Cure.
•    Demolition and Debris Removal
•    Mold Testing-Air Sampling, Swap &/or Tape Sampling
•    Air Duct Cleaning

Protect your home and family today. Contact AirPro Environmental at 877-924-7776 for more information on our services and locations.