Waltham, MA is an up and coming town, centrally located and offering an array of amenities. Only a quick car, bus or train ride away, this is an ideal location for those seeking a suburban neighborhood while still being able to commute into the city.

AirPro Environmental Solutions is proud to be assisting Waltham residents with mold removal, black mold removal, and mold remediation services. One of the major causes of water damage is due to minor leaks in the kitchen or bathroom. When pipes erupt or even slowly drip, water builds up on the floors and countertops. If you only wipe up the water with a rag or towel, it can still seep into the surfaces of the room. It’s best to contact AirPro if you see signs of mold damage in your home including small black spots, a must odor or you have itchy/red eyes.

Black mold should be a major concern if you find this in your Waltham MA home. Black mold is absolutely toxic and excessive exposure can lead to sinus infections, nose bleeds, bronchitis and swollen glands. Contact AirPro Environmental Solutions at 877.924.7776.