Ozone treatment is a relatively new and cost-efficient method of removing microorganisms, including all kinds of toxic molds, germs, and viruses. This process is rapidly gaining popularity in mold removal services, as it is proven to be highly effective. AirPro utilizes ozone treatment primarily for mold remediation, but also as it removes odors, helps filter out airborne mold spores and particulate matter like pollen and pet dander, thus improving indoor air quality.


Household generators don’t quite have a capacity to remediate mold problems. The professional ozone treatment, on the other hand, is capable of killing molds, bacteria and eliminating odors. It can remove mold odors, tobacco and pet odors and it is widely used in industrial settings as a sterilant, approved by Environmental Protection Agency.


AirPro Environmental Solutions has had years of successful experience with ozone treatment. We constantly monitor the levels of ozone, by taking into account safety standards and norms needed for specific problems and types of rooms. High levels of ozone can be health-damaging to living organisms including humans and pets. On a contrary, if the ozone levels are too low, the entire treatment will result in no actual effect. This is why, during a commercial treatment, it’s essential to vacate and seal a home with high levels of ozone.


After the treatment, the indoor air professionals will ventilate the living area with purging fans until the ozone levels are brought to acceptable norms, only then the occupants can re-enter the building. It’s recommended to vacuum the area thoroughly with a HEPA vacuum and wipe surfaces with soap and water.


Performed correctly and in the right concentration, ozone treatment for mold can be very effective and not at all harmful to your family and pets. The only case in which it’s not recommended is when the mold is entrenched deep inside soggy building materials. The explanation is quite simple: ozone can only kill mold where the air can physically circulate, limiting it to exposed interior walls and surfaces. As ozone is incapable of penetrating inside walls, it can not be used as a standalone procedure for mold remediation.


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