mold removalFinding mold in your home can ruin anyone’s day, and removing it is never an easy task. When deciding whether you can remove it yourself, or if you’ll need a professional, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

Type of Mold

When starting the mold removal process, the first step is to inspect the mold. If it’s just a mildew problem that only covers a small, easy-to clean area (glass, metal, tile, ceramic), than you can remove this yourself. If you find a large amount of mold, or mold on a porous surface, drywall, carpet or wood, you’ll want to hire a professional to inspect it. Different types of mold require different remediation techniques, and can spread if not taken care of properly. Professionals are trained to identify mold, recognized what caused it, and know how exactly how to remove it and keep it from coming back.

Removal Process

Mold removal requires time and the right equipment. If you’re planning on removing it yourself, you’ll need to be sure to take plenty of time out of your busy schedule and have the correct equipment. You’ll also want to make sure everyone is out of the house while the removal process is going on in order to take the right safety precautions. Hiring a professional such as AirPro, can help safe you time and money. They are prepared with the right equipment and are trained to safely deal with mold. They also guarantee the success of the services performed and is backed by warranty.

Taking Precautions

There are an unlimited amount of precautions that should be taken when removing mold from either a residential or commercial building. Wearing gloves, goggles, and a full covering of clothing that can be thrown out after cleaning is just the first step. Be sure that the mold never comes in contact with the skin or body, that you have a proper way to dispose of mold-infested debris, and that you have a fan to help ventilate the room during the removal process. Professional mold removal companies are experienced, licensed, insured and thorough enough to guarantee the proper removal of mold. They are also better equipped to ensure a flawless removal of mold.

Key Takeaway: If the mold problem is beyond spot treatment, call AirPro for mold removal or remediation. 877-924-7776