Health Resources in Action is a Boston organization that has recently been given the highest award by the US Environmental Protection Agency for helping to treat asthma. This group was recognized by the National Environmental Leadership in Asthma Management Award.

Given in honor of Asthma Awareness Month, this organization has been recognized for its partnership with the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Vermont along with several health care policy makers across New England.

The New England Asthma Innovation Collaborative is created to provide home visiting services to lower income children with asthma. New England has some of the highest adult asthma rates in the United States and this is increasing with children. Because of this, the collaborative formed to demonstrate that home visits improve both the health of asthmatic children and that these visits are cost-effective. By going into the homes of those suffering from asthma, the collaborative can greatly reduce the severity of asthma and improve school performance.

AirPro Environmental Solutions recommends homeowners undergo mold inspections and air quality testing to reduce mold from triggering your asthma. Mold is one of the major causes of asthma and if not removed, individuals can suffer other health conditions. We have years of experience in the industry, removing everything from black mold in attics to basement mold and mold in crawl spaces.