By Kelsey Meyers


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It’s tough to monitor the use of heating and air conditioning in your home when you’re not the only person living there. Having thermostats and air conditioning units in different rooms makes it easy for others to personalize without you ever knowing just how long and how high the heat was on for this winter. So, in an effort to simplify and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (did we mention your energy bill, too?) there are some much better ways to monitor and maintain your home’s level of energy efficiency through home automation apps. Whether you are away for the weekend or just interested in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the day, these are apps you can certainly rely on.

Savant Pro App

Since when did iTunes apps become worthy of the name luxury? Well, ever since Savant rolled around it’s been a pretty accurate way to describe this software. Savant is an app compatible with just about any iPhone device, including the Apple Watch (and you thought things couldn’t get any more futuristic…) to make home automation as simple as one single tap. As they explain, “the Savant Pro App lets you turn on your lights before you get home, coordinate your thermostats and window shades to save energy, and personalize the music in any room,” which means adjusting the temperature of a room and regulating heat and AC is all a part of the program.


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Nest Thermostat

What better way to tend to your nest than with an energy efficient home gadget like Nest Thermostat? As you set the daily temperature for your home, Nest will memorize the times and temperatures throughout the day and night and intuitively change it for you, making it oh-so simple to keep an eye on things.

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device

You know when a smart device has the phrase “all-in-one” in it that it’s gotta be good. And Canary isn’t just good—it is like, Secret Service good. Ready to go right out of the box, Canary offers free cloud storage to store all the important things that a home security device should have in the 21st century, like wide-angled HD live stream videos and full night vision. However, what truly sets Canary apart is its unwavering concern for your personal health and safety. The Canary allows you to monitor temperature, air quality, humidity, and a direct connection to your local police in case something happened to go wrong while you were away. Did we mention it has a siren? Yeah, there’s that, too.