There are three types of indoor mold (see below) that everyone should look out for. Usually, people try to identify mold by its color, but harmless and harmful molds exist in each color group.

1. Allergenic-Causes allergic reactions

2. Pathogenic-A major concern to those with a weak immune system

3. Toxigenic-A danger to everyone

The two molds that cause serious health problems are:

1. Green Molds– These molds are linked to allergies as well as Aspergillosis which is a serious infection in the lungs, ears, eyes, nose and throat. This is caused by inhaling green mold. Just like all molds, green mold grows when it is in contact with moisture.

2. Black Molds– Black mold grows extremely quick when it touches wet wallpaper, drywall, carpet and ceiling tiles. Although not all black mold is toxic, it’s best to have professionals work on the remediation process.

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