Mold can grow on any organic building material, including wood, mold in a homedrywall and insulation. This can cause homeowners to have allergic reactions to mold spores when they are in their homes. Allergens can come from mold spores in the basement and crawl spaces, and grow wherever there is warmth, food and moisture.

If you have a damp basement or your home has experienced a flood, there could be a chance that your home is growing mold, without you even knowing. Your basement should have good ventilation, and flood water should be cleaned up completely within 24 hours of the disaster. Mold can also enter homes through open doorways, windows, heating and cooling systems and vents; or attach itself to clothing, shoes, bags and pets outdoors and be carried indoors.

Exposure to moldy environments can cause a variety of health effects, such as coughing and wheezing, sneezing, eye irritation, throat irritation and nasal stuffiness. Studies have also shown that exposure to moldy environments can cause general to upper respiratory tract symptoms and respiratory illnesses. However, many people often don’t realize these symptoms are caused by mold. If you have these symptoms in your home, but then they disappear when you leave, there could be a good chance that you have mold in your home.

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