Duct cleaning is a task that most homeowners forget about, but it is actually crucial to have them cleaned. Duct cleaning has many health advantages and may reduce your energy bills. Since high-efficiency windows and doors are becoming increasingly popular, there is a limited amount of air transfer between the inside and outside. While these items may be great for energy efficiency, they are usually not supplemented with additional ventilation. This causes pollutants to remain inside instead of leaking out through drafty windows and gaps.

When exactly should I get air duct cleaning?

  • Renovation– If you recently had a home renovation, you may need your ductwork cleaned.  Ducts should be sealed off during the renovation process but if not, dust and debris might be lodged into the ductwork.
  • Animals– If there is evidence of nesting in your air ducts or HVAC system, have the animals removed and then clean the duct work.
  • Contaminants– If there is noticeable debris, pet hairs or odors, then the ducts may need to be cleaned.
  • Illness– If someone in your family is suffering from an unexplained allergy and you’ve properly decontaminated your home, it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned.

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