When it comes to household projects, DIY doesn’t necessarily mean you’re Doing It Right! You may be able to change a lightbulb, restore a vintage desk and clean the gutters in a quick amount of time but there are some tasks you need to leave to the professionals. Mold removal should never be done without a professional. Let’s see why…

  • Major health & safety concerns
  • Higher degree of knowledge & skill is required
  • You can create more damage

If a homeowner doesn’t know what type of mold they are dealing with, the consequences can be destructive. Since mold is highly airborne, it can propagate to various areas of the home if not removed correctly. Although using a vacuum or duster may seem to help, it can actually drive mold into the air!

When removing mold, homeowners should be wearing proper gloves – not just basic winter gloves. Because of the toxicity of mold, experts tackle mold with gloves, protecting eyewear and face masks. You may save a few bucks when attempting to remove mold on your own but you will definitely be risking your own health. Always leave mold removal up to the professionals at Air Pro Environmental.